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Govardhan App is the World's First Ever Social Media for Medicinal Plants, to Create more value for Plant Kingdom! To Save Our Traditional Knowledge! 

Discover Nature's Symphony, Preserve Ancient Wisdom, and Unite for Our Planet's Future with Govardhan - Your Gateway to Biodiversity Brilliance!

Aiming :-

Developed by Mr. GOKUL RAJENDRAN, a Final Year BAMS student. 

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Crowdsourcing the

A Social Media like space where people can Add the Use of each plant they know about from Experience, from Knowledge of your ancestors, from Traditional medicinal uses

Even Bacteria has an Account!

Every Plant or Animal has an Account with us!

Because you guys create it, from your local area. 

Create a Profile to Stand Out!

Craft a Personal Page where your contribution can be showcased, so that people from around the world can know how knowledgful you are on Traditional Medicine. 

These are our global team who are helping us get the crowdsourcing data about medicinal plants from around the world. Because most of the Valuable traditional knowledge on plants are with the aged people, who doesn't know how to use today's technologies, to bridge this gap we need the Young People, NGO's & other org, to support us in getting the Information into the platform.  SEE MORE...


Ministry of Environment EGYPT 🇪🇬

Ministry of Environment

Chad 🇹🇩

Ministry of Environmental Protection & Natural Resources, Ukraine 🇺🇦


National Council on Climate Change (NDCC), Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Climate Action is something we are committed to do! Because We need people to understand the value of Nature. That's main reason we created this platform & want to partner with Like Minded Organizations who are already working on it. #TogetherWeCanHeal #TogetherForClimateAction #ClimateAction


We need donation's to keep our server's running & also to support the further growth of the app into iOS Phones as well. Any Amount is a Good Help! 


Global to local, all the World Traditional to Indigenous Medicine was represented by Govardhan at COP28. Working with more than 5 Ministries/ Parties... Read more...

A Article about our activity, our Achievements & actions at the UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE held at EGYPT & was offically invited to it by the EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT itself.


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